Lead Generation

Convert Visitors into Leads

Once you have people coming to your website, you need to have a method in place to capture their contact information, in order to market to them in the future.  This requires a strategy to give them motivation to willingly hand over their name and some avenue of contact, be that in the form of their address, phone number, or email address.

Build Your List of Potential Customers

Since people are becoming more and more cautious with their online activity and who they give information to, it is exceedingly important to establish trust and to make an offer to fill their needs.  For instance, if a user visits a site which looks like it was made in the mid-90’s and hasn’t been updated since, they are less likely to hand over their contact info, since the owners of the site do not seem to care about maintaining their image.  

Or, if a user visits a site looking for the latest fashion trends, the site owner could put an email-collection box, with a prompt along the lines of: “Get weekly fashion news directly to your inbox!  __Enter Email __”.  Once the email is entered, the business sends the user fashion information, and can sell products without the user needing to go back to the site to look around.  This is the power of email marketing… but the trick is getting their email address, and that’s where Magix Digital can help.